Best Baby Gates For Stairs

Stepping into parenthood in a house with two floors and a basement was a big eye-opener! The stairs, which used to be just a part of the house, turned into a major attraction for toddlers. It’s like they have a built-in magnet for stairs, driven by their innocent curiosity and not realizing the possible dangers.

Luckily, smart and creative people have come up with some fantastic baby gates made specifically for stairs. These gates are like superheroes, ready to help parents like us in our quest for stair safety. Whether you’re worried about your little one taking a tumble down the stairs or embarking on an adventurous climb up, there’s a perfect gate waiting for you. These gates not only keep your child safe but also give you peace of mind, making the whole parenting journey a bit easier and more enjoyable.

How I Pick the Best Baby Gates for Stairs

Let’s start with the top of the stairs – arguably the riskiest spot in your home. Here, you want a gate with hardware that you can firmly install. Simply relying on a pressure-mounted gate won’t cut it; they might fail if someone gives them a hard shove or if installation goes a bit sideways.

For your child’s safety, we recommend baby gates with:

  1. Positive Reviews: Look for gates that other parents and reliable sources vouch for.
  2. “Open Wide” Design: Choose gates without a bar at the bottom to avoid tripping hazards.
  3. JPMA Certification: This is like the gold standard for safety. Make sure the gate meets the highest industry standards.

Now, when it comes to the bottom of the stairs, you can ease up a bit. You don’t need a gate as heavy-duty as the one at the top because the risk is not as severe. However, keep in mind that all pressure-mounted baby gates come with some safety and usage concerns. Stay informed to reduce the risk of any accidents or damage.


While pressure-mounted baby gates offer convenience, they come with inherent safety concerns that require extra vigilance:

  • Falling/Toppling: These gates can lose their grip over time, potentially falling or toppling with force. Regular inspection and tightening are crucial.
  • Top of Stairs Restriction: Never use pressure-mounted gates at the top of stairs due to their instability. Opt for hardware-mounted options for ultimate safety.
  • Tripping Hazard: The bottom bar creates a tripping hazard, especially for adults and older children. Be mindful of foot placement.
  • Wall/Drywall Damage: Overtightening or long-term use can damage walls and drywall. Monitor pressure and consider alternative mounting solutions if necessary.
  • Limited Portability: Assembly/disassembly and moving between locations can be cumbersome. Don’t rely on pressure-mounted gates for frequent relocation.

Remember, safety always comes first. Consider these limitations before choosing a pressure-mounted gate and prioritize alternative options for high-risk areas like the top of stairs.

How to Choose the Best Baby Gates for Top and Bottom of Stairs

Deciding on the ideal gate for the top or bottom of a staircase isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario due to the diverse array of staircase styles. However, simplifying the selection process, I’ve identified three types of baby gates that effectively address the majority of “top and bottom of the stairs” configurations.

Approximately 99% of staircases can be secured with one of these gate types, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Type #1: Flat Surfaces on Both Sides

This gate’s configuration is relatively standard, yet its specific features make it well-suited for securing the upper landing of a staircase.

  • Permanent Mounting: These gates are designed for permanent installation to ensure utmost stability.
  • Unidirectional Opening: To prevent the gate from swinging out over the stairs, it is designed to open in a single direction.
  • Adjustable Angle Installation: The gate offers flexibility in installation, accommodating situations where the two flat surfaces are not perfectly aligned.
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Our Top Pick: Cardinal Gates SS30

Cardinal Gates SS30

The Cardinal Gates SS30 has proven to be my ultimate go-to for stairway safety. What makes this gate stand out is its unparalleled flexibility, accommodating various scenarios with ease.

Whether it’s a flat-to-flat surface, a wall-to-banister setup, or non-aligned surfaces, the SS30 rises to the occasion. Its adjustable angling capability, up to 30 degrees, ensures a secure fit practically anywhere you need it.

Straight out of the box, it boasts a height of 29.5 inches and a width of 42.5 inches, adjustable down to 27 inches. Need a wider coverage? No problem. The gate offers extensions in two sizes:

  • 10.5 inches for openings between 42.5 and 53 inches.
  • 22 inches for openings ranging from 49 to 64 inches.

This versatility transforms the SS30 into an extra-wide top-of-stairs baby gate, catering to various space requirements.

Color options are not limited to white – you can also opt for brown or black to complement your home decor.

Addressing a common concern about banister installations, the SS30 provides a mounting kit for attaching to round newel posts or banisters, preserving those beautiful wooden surfaces without drilling holes.

Key Features that make this gate my top choice:

  • One-Way Opening: Streamlining movement while ensuring security.
  • One-Handed Latch System: A breeze for adults, yet a puzzle for little ones.
  • Auto-Lock Hardware Mounting: An added layer of safety.

While the price might lean towards the higher end, the Cardinal Gates SS30 delivers exceptional value for your investment, making it, in my opinion, the undisputed best baby gate for the top of stairs.

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Our 2nd Pick: Toddleroo by North States 47.85″ wide Tall Easy Swing & Lock Gates – Series 2

Cardinal Gates SS30

It’s a solid 36 inches, spanning 28.68 to 47.85 inches – perfect for keeping my little one safe without being too restricting. Certified by JPMA for stairs, it’s a reliable choice, especially if you need something permanent.

The swing-open design is a winner – no tripping bar along the floor, and it only opens over the landing, not the stairs. Safety first, right?

I dig the matte bronze-colored steel – adds a touch of style to the durability. One-handed operation and adjustable width make life easier, and the 2 3/4-inch bar spacing keeps my little explorer in check.

Now, the self-locking feature is genius. Adults can breeze through, but toddlers? Total head-scratcher for them – love the added safety vibe!

But, let’s talk real talk – installation. It’s a bit tricky, folks. Especially if you’ve got baseboards, measure twice, cut once kinda situation. Once you nail it, though, it’s a rock-solid choice.

All in all, the Toddleroo by North States Baby Gate is a budget-friendly stair safety hero. It may not be the fanciest, but it does the job. Spend some extra time on installation, maybe grab a friend for the job, and you’re good to go!
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Best for Wide Openings: Munchkin Extending Tall and Wide Baby Gate

Cardinal Gates SS30

I came across the Munchkin Extending Tall and Wide Baby Gate during my quest to find a solution for wide openings without going through the hassle of extensions for the Stairway Special. After some thorough research, this Munchkin gate caught my attention.

This wall-mounted baby gate is a rock-solid choice, especially for spaces with stairs that demand that extra layer of protection. What stood out for me is its impressive height and width – a tall drink of water at 36 inches and adjustable from 33 to 56 inches wide.

The one-way directional opening is slick, ideal for stairs, but you can flip the script for regular doorways. It’s a multitasker – one way for stairs and two ways for hallways or doorways. Now, the handle might be a puzzle for tiny hands, but it’s a breeze for us adults.

Best part? It hugs the wall, swings wide open without a floor strip, making it super safe for stairs. The latch isn’t the star, but with a bit of tweaking, as reviews suggest, it’s not a kiddie game.

Crafted from sleek white steel, it’s got that modern vibe that blends into any decor. And that quick-release detachment is a lifesaver when you need to stash it away temporarily.

Oh, and did I mention the tilting hinge thing? Less stress on your walls – genius!

Summing it up, if you’re after a baby gate with a one-handed latch, fits wider spaces, and throws in some extra height, the Munchkin one is a contender. Plus, it’s got that modern charm – definitely worth checking out!
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Type #2: Round posts or banisters on one side or both sides

Let’s dive into the Banister vs. Baluster vs. Newel Post confusion – because we’ve all been there!

So, banisters are those vertical posts on your staircase, but hold up – the term can also refer to the main handrail or the whole shebang. Now, the original word for the spindles supporting a railing is balusters, making banister and baluster practically twins. Then comes the newel post – the heavyweight “corner post” providing extra support at the top and bottom of the handrail.

But here’s the kicker – banisters and newel posts aren’t flat; they’re round. So, if you’re thinking of attaching something like a gate, you’ll need some extra attachments to keep it secure and protect those round surfaces.

Now, picture this: if your stairway top isn’t flat, it’s probably because of a bunch of banisters and maybe a newel post. These posts add a twist to the baby gate installation game. Attaching hardware to something round is a tad trickier than a flat surface.

But fear not, parents! Baby gate manufacturers are on it, offering three fantastic stairway banister adaption kits. These kits are like superheroes, adapting any gate to conquer the challenges of your staircase’s highest point.

Summer Infant Banister to Banister Gate Mounting Kit

Summer Infant Banister to Banister Gate Mounting Kit

This kit packs in 6 brackets, 2 long flat strips of wood, and some trusty zip tie straps – everything you need to make your banister-to-banister or banister-to-wall baby gate installation a breeze.

What I love is its versatility. It adapts like a champ, fitting almost any size or shape of post. We’ve got this wonky stairway rail, you know? The bottom is massive, almost 4 inches on each side, and guess what? The strap still had room to spare!

The top part is not your regular circle; it’s got this fancy shape with like 6 flat sides. Fancy, right? But this kit tackled it like a pro, making our misshapen railing baby gate-ready.

No need to drill into your banisters – this kit makes banister installations a breeze.
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Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit

Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit

This is a cool stair post mounting kit, and it’s got these neat white plastic clamp thingies. You can use them with square or round posts, and there’s this flat piece of wood to help hold your gate in place.

But hey, before you get all excited and buy it, the company says you gotta measure your banister post real carefully. And here’s the catch – this kit only works for one post. If your post is round at the top and the bottom, you can ask the company for a free extra piece to make it fit
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Pressure-mounted Baby Gates to install at the Bottom of Stairs for Type #1 and Type #2?

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto-Close Security Baby Safety Gate

Dreambaby Chelsea Auto-Close Security Baby Safety Gate

This baby gate is loaded with features that make it a top choice. It has an easy one-handed latching mechanism, can swing both ways (which is particularly useful when placed at the bottom of stairs), and it automatically closes.

You get to decide whether to use it as a pressure-mount or as a permanently mounted gate. And if you have a wider space, no worries – there are extensions available to fill gaps up to 111 inches.

It’s the Dreambaby Chelsea Auto-Close Security Baby Safety Gate in white, model F160W, sized 28-32 inches.

Now, the ability to open in both directions might seem unnecessary for stairs, but think about it – you can install it so the door opens toward you on the right or flip it for a leftward opening. Flexibility is key!

The standout feature, though, is its adaptability to not only flat surfaces but also round balusters or newel posts at the bottom of stairs. You can grab these Y-shaped adapters designed to secure the gate by pushing against the round surface.

The adapters are not only handy but also gentle on your wood, thanks to the rubber lining. They work seamlessly with a few different gates, and definitely with this one.

Quick reminder: These adapters are not meant for the top of stairs, as they are part of a pressure-mounting system.

They come in sets of two, so if you have round posts on both sides, grab two sets. If you have newel posts that are round at the top but square at the bottom, one set will work for the top, while regular gate pressure mounts can handle the bottom. It’s adaptability at its finest!
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Type#3 – Only one normal anchor point or none at all

Do you face the challenge of babyproofing an unconventional staircase layout?

Maybe you’ve got just one flat surface, with neither a wall nor a post on the opposite side. Or your stairs lack anchor points on either side, and the railings are as risky as the open stairs. In such scenarios, a regular baby gate won’t cut it.

Toddleroo by North States 72” wide Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

Toddleroo by North States 72” wide Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

This tall, permanent-mount gate is not only sturdy but also impressively versatile. This gate is specially crafted to handle larger openings, stretching up to 72″ wide and adapting to angled walls. With two side panels and a swing-open door, it provides a solution for various scenarios.

What adds to its usefulness is the option to expand it with separately available extensions, each 15″ wide. You can add up to 6 of these extra panels, extending the gate to an impressive 162″ – offering over 13 feet of coverage!

Crucially, this gate can be stretched across a wide-open stairwell and railing, reaching walls up to 162 inches apart.

Safety-wise, it’s approved for top-of-stairs use, but the walk-thru door must not open over the stairs. Mounting hardware needs a solid substance, so avoid screwing it directly into drywall (using wood trim at anchor points is ideal).

Beyond its length, the gate boasts an arched, extra-wide door with one-handed operation. It can be fully opened for a “stay open” mode or gently pushed to close automatically.

Conveniently, it can be quickly unhooked from wall mounts and stored flat. Need to temporarily move it? Unhook from one side and fold it against the opposite wall.

This gate is not just functional but also stylish, offering both security and elegance for unique configurations. It has garnered numerous positive reviews from customers. Highly recommended for distinctive setups, extra length needs, or areas with different wall angles – it might be the perfect solution for you!
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Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

This is another top-tier option for those seeking an extra-wide gate. It effortlessly accommodates openings ranging from 33.5” to 79”, making it an excellent fit for larger entryways.

What sets it apart? Its adaptability is a standout feature, making it perfect for unique openings, including odd angles, landings, and irregularly shaped spaces.

Now, ensuring the gate is secure becomes a breeze with the Dreambaby Newport gate, thanks to its EZY check indicator. A quick glance at the red indicator signals any issues with tension or latch – no red indicator means everything is securely closed and safe.

Adding to its appeal are two noteworthy features loved by many parents: the Auto-Lock and the Smart Stay Open. The gate automatically closes and locks with the auto-lock, offering peace of mind. Meanwhile, the Smart Stay Open feature allows the gate to stay open when needed. This gate seamlessly combines versatility with safety features, making it a smart choice for your home.
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Top of Stairs Baby Gate – General Advice

When Should I get one?

The sooner, the better. I recommend beginning your search for the best safety gate before your baby arrives. However, if you’re already past that stage, install a baby gate before your little one starts crawling.

Safety gates are intended for children aged 6 months to around 2 years, possibly extending up to 3 years. Once your toddler grasps the art of opening gates independently, it’s time to retire it for their safety. For more insights on when to remove a gate, check out this article.

What Kind of Baby Gate is Suitable for the top of stairs? Since our focus here is on stairtop usage, a hardware-mounted gate is your go-to choice.

Choosing the Right Gate

Opt for a hardware-mounted safety gate for optimal security in this location. These gates come in various materials, with wood, steel, or aluminum being the most common. Steel brackets secure the gate to a door frame or walls – never into fragile drywall or plaster, as they crumble easily and can dislodge the gate. If you’re dealing with drywall or plaster, locate the framing behind the wall surface.

Key Features:

  1. Material Matters: Choose from wood, steel, or aluminum.
  2. Mounting Security: Steel brackets secure the gate to a door frame or walls.
  3. Avoid Fragile Surfaces: Never mount into drywall or plaster; locate the framing behind the surface.

Installation Tips

Ensure your gate is one-directional, opening towards the landing, never towards the stairs. Most quality baby gates designed for stairtops feature mechanisms preventing them from opening over the stairs.

Always measure the opening to guarantee a proper fit. In addition to being frustrating if installation becomes a challenge, makeshift modifications can compromise safety.

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