Best Shower Seats For Elderly

Taking a bath can be tricky for those with reduced strength, balance, or coordination issues. Wet surfaces make slipping a real concern, especially when getting in and out. That’s where simple bath seats and chairs for the elderly come in handy. These tools make a big difference, ensuring a safe and relaxing bath experience. Lightweight and sturdy, they fit into even the smallest baths, providing increased confidence and independence. Some are versatile enough to be used in showers and wet rooms.

Shower seats are not only beneficial for bath safety but also perfect for those with showers over their baths who prefer sitting while showering. With a variety of sizes and designs, there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

What is a Shower Seat?

Shower seats, also called bath seats, are chairs or stools designed for use in the shower or bathtub. They’re made to resist water and provide a safe and comfortable spot for those who tire easily or can’t stand for long periods.

Who Should Use a Shower Seat?

Choosing the right bath safety product can be confusing. Shower chairs for adults offer more security than alternatives like grab bars or safety rails, making them ideal if you:

  • Have significant balance issues
  • Experience weakness in the legs
  • Are at a high risk of slipping or falling
  • Tire easily

It’s common to use multiple bath safety aids together. For instance, grab bars offer something to hold onto while bath mats add stability and prevent slipping.

Other Options for Stability

If you need extra stability, consider alternatives like a transfer bench. Here are the pros and cons of shower seats to help you decide if they’re the right choice:


  • Provides full-body support while bathing
  • Removable and compact, fitting in smaller bathrooms
  • Allows more space for caregiver assistance


  • Does not offer much support when entering and exiting the tub or shower
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Best Shower Seats and Chairs For Elderly

Medline Shower Chair Seat

Medline Shower Chair Seat

The Medline Shower Chair Seat is a highly regarded and cost-effective choice, widely recognized for its extensive use in hospitals and positive reputation. Renowned for its overall quality, affordability, and positive user reviews, this bath bench stands out as a great value option. The chair’s customizable features, including a sturdy aluminum frame with an adjustable seat height ranging from 16 to 21 inches, make it adaptable to various user needs.

Assembly is straightforward, enhancing its convenience for shower use. Safety features such as handrails for assistance in standing and a robust seat back contribute to a secure bathing experience. Non-slip legs ensure stability by firmly connecting the chair to the bathtub or shower floor. With rust-resistant materials, easy maintenance, and a generous weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, the Medline Shower Chair Seat is a reliable and accommodating choice for those seeking a trustworthy shower chair.

Users appreciate the chair’s lightweight design, absence of hardware, and durability, making it a standout option in the market. Its high weight capacity, coupled with easy cleaning and rust-proof materials, adds to its appeal. The Medline Shower Chair Seat combines functionality with affordability, providing individuals in need with a secure and reliable solution for bathing.
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OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair with Back

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair with Back

The OasisSpace Shower Chair with Back proves to be a reliable and sturdy choice for individuals seeking a secure shower experience. With thoughtful design features, including drainage holes in the seat and rubber tips at the bottom of each leg, it effectively prevents water and mold accumulation, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. The chair is constructed with a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame, featuring a pair of cross-bars in the middle for added strength. The thickened seat and backrest, along with anti-skid rubber tips, contribute to the chair’s durability and stability. With a remarkable weight capacity of 500 pounds, it is suitable for a wide range of users.

One notable convenience is the detachable padded bath seat, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. The chair offers six height options ranging from 14” to 19”, accommodating various needs and preferences. The fixed backrest enhances comfort during bathing, providing additional support. The shower transfer bench stool is durably constructed yet lightweight, ensuring ease of use, and it is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting performance.
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Drive Medical 12011KD-1 Tub Transfer Bench

Drive Medical 12011KD-1 Tub Transfer Bench

The Drive Medical Tub Transfer Bench is a great addition for those who need a comfortable and secure shower experience. It easily fits over a standard bathtub, allowing users to sit in the shower enclosure. The chair’s design facilitates the use of a handheld shower head for convenient washing. Featuring reverse grab bars, it accommodates both left- and right-handed entries, offering flexibility for users. The A-frame construction is sturdy, and the collapsible back allows for easy storage.

The blow-molded plastic bench and backrest ensure comfort and durability. The adjustable design, with leg extensions, makes it suitable for any tub size, and its reversible feature allows it to fit seamlessly into various bathroom designs. The extra-large, locking suction cups provide added safety and stability during use. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, this Drive Medical Transfer Bench is a strong and reliable choice, making it a worthwhile investment for a secure and comfortable bathing experience.
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Dr. Maya Adjustable Shower Chair

Dr. Maya Adjustable Shower Chair

The Maya Adjustable Shower Chair presents a versatile and user-friendly option for individuals seeking a reliable bathing aid. Available with or without padded armrests, this chair boasts a robust weight capacity of up to 300 lb, catering to a range of user needs. The adjustable leg height and removable back add to its adaptability, allowing users to customize the chair to their comfort. Crafted with an anti-corrosion aluminum design, the chair’s legs are equipped with anti-slip rubber feet, ensuring stability during use. With a height adjustment range from 12 inches to 19.5 inches, it accommodates various preferences.

An additional safety feature is the free shower handle included with each purchase, enhancing overall security during shower use. The chair is lightweight and thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into various bathtub types, providing convenience and ease of use. Whether with or without padded armrests, the Maya Adjustable Shower Chair offers a practical and accommodating solution for individuals seeking a reliable and customizable shower aid.
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Drive Medical RTL12202KDR Shower Chair

Drive Medical RTL12202KDR Shower Chair

The Drive Medical RTL12202KDR Shower Chair is a straightforward and reliable choice for those in need of a basic shower chair. Crafted from lightweight and corrosion-proof aluminum, assembling this chair is a breeze, requiring no tools. The angled legs provide extra security during use, and suction-style tips prevent the chair from moving. Each leg is adjustable in one-inch increments, allowing for personalized height adjustments. The nonslip feet enhance stability on wet floors, and in-seat drainage holes prevent water buildup, ensuring a secure shower experience.

The push-button height adjustment feature allows users to customize the chair to their preferred height, and the removable backrest adds flexibility to meet individual needs. With a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, this Drive Medical Shower Chair offers simplicity, durability, and reliable support, making it a suitable option for those seeking a basic and effective shower chair.
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Transfer Benches vs. Shower Chairs

Shower seats and transfer benches are a lot alike, giving you a safe spot to sit while bathing. The main difference is where they work best.

Shower Chairs: These are smaller and fit entirely inside the tub. They’re great for small bathrooms and leave more room for a caregiver to help if needed.

Transfer Benches: These benches straddle the tub, with two legs inside and two outside. They’re a bit bulkier but provide support when getting in and out of the tub. Shower chairs only help once you’re already in the tub.

If you have a tiny bathroom but still need help getting into the tub, you could use a shower chair along with a grab bar or safety rail. But if you’re at a high risk of falling and need a lot of support, a transfer bench is your best bet.

How to Choose the Right Shower Seats for the Elderly

Choosing the right shower seat is important for safety and comfort. Here are some key factors to consider before making a purchase:

1. Overall Size:

Measure your tub or shower floor width to ensure the seat fits. Choose a shower chair with dimensions smaller than your measurements for a good fit.

2. Seat Size:

Measure your sitting width to find a seat that is slightly wider. This ensures you can sit securely without sliding or falling off.

3. Adjustable Height:

Check if the shower chair has height-adjustable legs to set the seat at a comfortable level. This helps prevent joint strain and ensures easy sitting.

4. Weight Capacity:

Ensure the chair can safely support your weight. Different models support weights ranging from 250 to 400 pounds. Consider a bariatric shower chair for more support if needed.

5. Materials:

Choose a seat made of rust-resistant materials like plastic, aluminum, or steel. A combination of plastic and metal legs is sturdy. Drain holes in the seat prevent water build-up.

6. Chair Style:

Decide between stools and seats based on your needs. Stools are more compact but may lack backrests. Seats offer more space but may not have certain features like swiveling.

7. Feet Type:

Check if the chair has rubber, slip-resistant feet for stability. Suction cup feet provide maximum stability, especially if you have balance issues.

8. Backrest:

Choose between a seat with or without a backrest. A backrest provides extra stability and reduces the risk of falls, especially if you have balance or back issues.

9. Arms:

Decide if you want a chair with or without armrests. Armrests assist in comfortable sitting and standing, while armless chairs are better if you prefer sitting on the side and lifting your legs over the tub.

10. Padded vs. Unpadded:

Consider if you want a chair with a padded or unpadded seat. Padded seats offer extra comfort, while unpadded ones are more affordable and easier to transfer onto.

11. Swivel/Sliding:

Certain chairs have seats that swivel or slide for easier entry and exit. If you choose this feature, ensure there’s a secure locking mechanism for added safety during showers.

How to Measure the Right Height for Your Shower Seat

To get the right height for your shower seat, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get Measured: Ask someone to measure you, preferably while standing, from the back of your heel on the shower floor to the crease behind your knee. This measurement will help you set the correct height for your shower seat.
  2. Check Comfort Space: Ensure there’s enough space for you to sit comfortably. Your knees should form a 90-degree angle, and your feet should be firmly flat on the floor. This is likely the position you’ll prefer once the shower seat is installed.

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